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  Simflow:The most popular and comprehensive  OpenFOAM GUI

Powerful meshing capability


simFlow gives you access to a wide array of turbulence models that allow you to analyze different flow regimes:
 k-ε (standard, RNG, Realizable)
 k-ω (standard, SST)
 Large Eddy Simulation
 Detached Eddy Simulation

Heat Transfer
Forced and natural convection
Conjugate heat transfer
Multiphase Flows
Volume of Fluid
Eulerian multi-phase
Lagrangian particles
Advanced models
Rotating frames of reference
Porous media
Dynamic mesh
Custom source terms
Passive scalars
Lift, drag and moment coefficients
Mass fluxes and pressure drops
Convective and radiative heat fluxes
Heat transfer coefficients

Parallel Processing
Do you want your results faster?
With simFlow you have no restrictions on the parallel processing. You can accelerate mesh generation and simulations with all the computing power at your disposal. 

Open Source
With open-source nature you have for full control over all models and numerical schemes used in your simulation. When needed new boundary conditions or even entire solvers can be implemented and easily accessed within GUI.
Combine best elements of open-source and commercial software
Access state of the art models and numerical methods
Set up and run simulation within an intuitive user interface
Reduce simulation time with parallel processing
Get support directly from the vendor
Have flexibility to extend functionality when needed

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