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  SIMULENT INC., is a leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software development and engineering consulting company delivering the most advanced solutions in the marketplace for engineering design optimization of fluid/thermal systems.


SIMULENT delivers a core software program and customized specific modules to meet your industry’s most complex fluid/thermal problems. 

Partial list of our major clients in the past and present:
US Department of Energy 
UT-Battelle (Oakridge National Lab) (US)
Pratt & Whitney Canada (ON)
Weyerhaeuser (WA)
Alstom Power (ON)
General Electric Global Research (NY)
Xerox Corp. (NY)
StormBlok (NY)
Japan Fine Ceramic Centre (JFCC)
Fishercast (ON)
Fisher Gauge (ON)
Clyde Bergmann (DE)
Candu Owner Group (CA)
Genpak (ON)
Karbomont (QC)
Grace Semi Conductor (China)
Bradley Mechanical Services (ON)
University of Tokyo
University of Kanazawa
University of Rhode Island
University of Toronto
University of Buffalo
University of Limoges (France)
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Simulent Consulting Inc., is a leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software development and engineering company delivering the most advanced solutions in the market place for the design and testing of fluid/thermal systems. Simulent’s CFD software products are capable of simulating three-dimensional free surface flows with large surface deformation, surface merging and surface breaking, with applications in various multiphase flow and spray systems.
SimCoat is a unique software tool for modeling the spray coating on the surfaces and provides valuable information such as thickness, roughness and porosity for different coating process.
SimCoat calculates the coating layer thickness, roughness, and porosity at any desired location on the substrate for a stationary or a moving gun.
 SimCoat calculates the initial velocity, diameter and temperature for each injected particle, given the average and standard deviations for these parameters.
 SimCoat can also import the measured data from a DPV2000 system for initial diameter, velocity, and temperature of the injected particles.
 SimCoat can be used for modeling the metallic and ceramic coatings.


SimDrop is a specialized simulation software tool for analyzing various droplet impact scenarios. The package provides valuable solutions to engineers, manufacturers, and researchers who are developing or designing new water and agricultural spray systems,coating and cooling systems, painting systems and other coating applications.


SimSpray is a computer tool for designing and testing spray nozzles in a virtual environment.Because of the complexity of the flows existing in spray systems,there is no accurate technique that can relate the nozzle design to the spray characteristics. Currently, spray nozzles are designed based on experimental measurements. This process is time consuming and costly. This computer tool makes it possible to accurately predict the resulting spray of a nozzle using flow simulation.  


SimSlosh is a software tool for simulating the fluid/structure interaction (sloshing) that occurs in liquid containers.The program uses a coupling technique to separately model the dynamic motion and the fluid sloshing in the container.SimSlosh can be used to determine forces and torques that are applied to container walls due to sloshing.

Drop Wall Impact

In Simulent Inc. we have developed a customized code named SimDrop to study spray-wall impacts

SimDrop can be used in the following processes:

Thermal spray coating

Spray painting

Spray cooling

Agriculture spraying

SimDrop includes the following features:

Free surface analysis

Splash modeling 

Satellite drops formation

Heat transfer

Phase change


Simulent Inc. has developed another customized code named SimCoat to study spray coating processes.

SimCoat can be used to:

provide valuable information such as thickness, roughness and porosity of a specified coating process.

model coating layers of metal powders or ceramic powders.

SimCoat is a probability based algorithm using Monte Carlo technique to determine the random droplet impact and coating of various surfaces.

SimCoat can be coupled with a publicly available post processing tool called OOF for determining thermal stresses in the coating layer.

Sprays  & Atomization

Simulent Inc. has developed a customized code named SimSpray to study the spray and atomization process

SimSpray consists of several modules:

Internal Flow Module for nozzle design

Statistical Module 

Atomization Module

Liquid Sloshing and Filling

Sloshing leads to:

Undesirable forces on brake systems in liquid carrying tankers and/or vehicle turn-over in severe cases.

Producing noises referred to as “clunk noises” in automobile fuel tanks.

Safety issues in propellant tanks in the spacecrafts under micro- gravity conditions, also in nuclear reactors under earthquake conditions.

SimSlosh software is a tool for investigating the liquid sloshing inside containers.

SimSlosh can be used to design new containers and/or to investigate the effectiveness of various tanks and baffle designs under different conditions.

SimSlosh delivers information such as:

A complete 3D image of liquid movement inside the tanker,

Forces and torques applied to the wall of the container,

Pressure distribution on the walls, momentum change, and total kinetic energy to investigate the noise generation.

Modeling liquid sloshing can:

Reduce production costs,

Simplify design with less Slosh control devices,

Shorten development time.

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