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fluidyn -MP is a general numerical platform for the simulation of fluid structure interactions and coupling. fluidyn -MP simultaneously calculates heat conduction and mechanical stress, in structures and flow and heat convection in the fluids in contact. It can also simulate vibratory - acoustics or pressure fluctuations.
fluidyn -MP models the multi-physics interactions by an innovative method which includes the strong coupling of advanced solution techniques for each study domain : Finite Volumes (FV) scheme for fluid flow calculations and Finite Elements scheme for structural, heat and acoustic calculations. For each of these solution techniques, various numerical schemes are available to adapt the software to the problem.
fluidyn -MP has become a reference for CFD and multiphysics simulations due to its wide application areas in peak sectors like nuclear, aerospace and industrial processes. Amongst its distinguished list of 120 users are: AIR LIQUIDE, ALCAN, AREVA, BP, BARC, CEA, DCNS,DGA, EADS, EdF, EXXON, GTRE, ITER, MITSUBISHI, NPCIL, SNCF, SNECMA, SOLVAY,STBFT, SUMITOMO, TECHNIP, TNO, etc..

Following modules are available under this package(available in the same User Interface):

· fluidyn-NS: Finite Volume fluid mechanics (CFD) model with several solvers: explicit, implicit, semiimplicit. It can solve various flows from incompressible to highly compressible such as explosions. It has physical models for two phase free surface or dispersed flows (Lagrange or Euler model for high order precision) and for reactive flows.

 fluidyn-CAF: Acoustic flow coupling with calculation of acoustic modes in fluid and structure.

· fluidyn-CHT: Conjugate heat transfer model by coupling finite elements for conduction and thermal stresses with finite volume for convection and radiation.

· fluidyn-FSI: Fluid structure interaction module to solve deformation and displacements with two finite elements solvers (explicit and implicit) coupled with the above mentioned fluidyn-NS solvers.

MP family also has models for Electromagnetism, Rarefied Gas Dynamics & Magnetohydrodynamics.
· fluidyn -CAE: Geometry modeller, Pre-and Post-processor.
· fluidyn CADGEN: Mesh generator.
fluidyn-VENTIL is a 3D fluid mechanics software package dedicated to the simulation of multiphysical phenomena in confined or closed spaces. Fluidyn-VENTIL is a fully integrated software including a pre-processor for data preparation, numerical solver and postprocessor for result visualisation and interpretation.

Various models are available under this package:
· fluidyn -VENTCLIM: Simulation of ventilation, air-conditioning and air quality in closed spaces- industrial buildings, hospitals, malls etc.. This module has been specifically conceived for architects to help reduce energy consumption and improve internal air quality by optimising air flow in varying atmospheric conditions by simulating flow around buildings.
· fluidyn -VENTUNNEL: Ventilation simulation module for rail, road and river tunnels as well as in
underground stations. It has been designed to optimise air flow in underground spaces and tunnels to meet desired safety standards for ventilation systems during normal and emergency conditions. It is based on a methodology for risk studies of problems related to the tube geometries, the different types of ventilation, the dynamic effects of traffic, atmospheric boundary conditions.
· fluidyn -VENTFIRE for modelling fire propagation in confined or partially confined spaces such as offshore platforms, malls, parkings etc.
· fluidyn -VENTEX: Simulation module for deflagrations and detonations of solid explosives, liquids (fuel), gas clouds and solid gas mixtures (dust) in confined or partially confined spaces such as offshore platforms.
· fluidyn -VENTMINE: Simulation module for normal and emergency ventilation and air quality in underground network of galleries and shafts in mines e.g. coal or uranium.

fluidyn-PANACHE is a 3D fluid mechanics software dedicated to the analysis of atmospheric dispersion of pollutants. It integrates a GIS pre-processor for terrain data preparation, solvers for flows of air & pollutant (gas, particles and droplets) and postprocessor for result visualisation and interpretation.
fluidyn-PANACHE has been officially recognised by the US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) dated 12 august 1996 (ref. Federal Register 8-12-96, Vol. 61 N° 156, Pages 41884-41885). It was developed on specifications of ADEME- French environment agency and complies with air flow standards in use in various European countries. In addition, fluidyn-PANACHE results have been presented and discussed in numerous Conferences and Workshops since last 15 years consolidating and improving its precision and performance. It is in constant use by close to a hundred users around the world.

Fluidyn PANACHE has the following modules for specific applications:

· fluidyn-PANEPR: Toxic/ Flammable gas dispersion in atmosphere
· fluidyn-PANWAVE: Wave effects in case of tank burst in petro-chemical depots on retention walls, merlans
· fluidyn-PANFIRE: heat radiation due solid and liquid fires.
· fluidyn-ASSESS RISK: General Risk analysis of petrochemical sites.

Air Quality analysis
· fluidyn-PANAIR: Urban air quality
fluidyn-PANROAD: Traffic pollution impact on air quality.
· fluidyn-PANEIA: Pollution Impact of an industry
· fluidyn-PANAIRPORT: Pollutantsimpact of air traffic on Air quality

Wind Flow & Wind Turbine
· fluidyn-PANWIND: Wind flow around buildings in urban areas
· fluidyn-PANEOLE: Wind turbine park energy potential forecasting. 

Real Time Forecasting
A real time leak source localization and forecasting of pollutants dispersion cloud has been developed and validated for atmospheric as well as internal spaces like train stations. It can be used for optimal sensor positioning and to support an emergency support system. 

fluidynFLOWSOL is a 3D software specifically developed to simulate hydrodynamic flows, transport and dispersion of sediments and pollutants, oil slick drift and underground water pollution.

fluidyn-FLOWSOL is derived in several modules depending on the applications :
 fluidyn-FLOWRIV : Monitoring Hydrographic network, Study of floods and flooding risks due to dam or dike ruptures
· fluidyn-FLOWPOL : Miscible pollutants dispersion in river or coastal waters
· fluidyn-FLOWOIL : Oil slick propagation in rivers, sea and costal waters
· fluidyn FLOWSED : Sediment deposition/ erosion, transport 
 · fluidyn POLLUSOL :  Underground water pollution from radioactive or other pollutants and groundwater resource estimation 
fluidynDB is a 3D software to model noise propagation in open areas using specific solvers either empirical or numerical.

fluidyn-DB is derived into the following modules:
     · fluidyn-dBRAY : Noise pollution due to industrial sites
       · fluidyn-dBROAD : Noise pollution due to road traffic in urban areas
         · fluidyn-AVNOISE : Noise pollution near airports 
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