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Established in 2007 and located at silicon China--Beijing zhongguancun shangdi information industry base, Beijing Tsingso Technology Co., Ltd is focused on supplying customer with high-end and state of art teaching and scientific equipment.
We are a dynamic and highly efficient team with 90% of employees from university bachelor degree. We insisting on democratic and scientific management, encourage employee’s initiatives and creativity to finally make an aggressive and rigorous working atmosphere in our company. With many years experience in higher education industry, we have established cooperation relationships with most of universities and colleges in relevant faculties. We intend to become a bridge between customer and supplier, to introduce the latest, the most reliable and developed equipment and technology into market, to provide high quality consulting and after-sales service to customer through our strong and powerful technical team.
Tsingso Technology operates with honesty and sustainable service, to bring our brand into every customer’s heart, to become a reliable and responsible company. Our product line includes Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, New Energy, and Automatic control etc. Also we provide a complete solution for customized equipment and system.
We focus on high-end teaching and scientific experimental platform with prominent quality and stand on technology forefront. All our products conform to highest standard requirements and represent for cutting edge engineering across the world.
The product brands we represent:

Introduction on exclusive agent brands:
Turbine Technologies., LTD.
Turbine Technology was founded in 1986, with factory located at Chetek, Wisconsin USA. Through many years’ development, Turbine Technology has reached to 3500 square meters and became one of the most prominent companies producing professional teaching experimental equipment on Gas Turbine related faculties. Turbine Technology is a high technology development company with all the products being developed, manufactured in USA and sold across the world, their product designs conform to ABET 4, ABET 6.
The company is consisted of two divisions: Teaching experimental equipment system and Aeronautical gas turbine engine system(also known as Kutrieb Reasearch). Turbine Technology’s primary business is on Teaching experimental equipment systems, and their product line includes Gas turbine power experiment system, Gas turbine power generation system, Steam turbine power generation experiment system, Jet engine sectioned body, Centrifugal pump fluid experiment system and Wing structure experiment system etc. Since 1986, Turbine Technology started cooperate with famous teachers world wide to design and manufacture complete experiment equipment in support of technology, engineering and mathematical education. Their products serves below faculties:
Mechanical and aerospace engineering; Industrial engineering;
Chemical engineering; Mechanical engineering;
Civil engineering; Petroleum engineering;
Electronic engineering; Renewable energy
Mechanical and electrical engineering; Mechatronics.

P.A.Hilton Ltd
P.A.Hilton Ltd was founded in 1959 and they have more than 50 years history by now. With company’s headquarter located at Horsebridge Mill on the River Test in Hampshire, south of UK, P.A.Hilton Ltd is now a member of BESA. The company mainly produce engineering teaching equipment, their product line includes Thermodynamics, Refrigeration, Energy, Fluid Mechanics etc. All experimental equipment from P.A.Hilton are forefront products for cutting-edge engineering. They have high technology R&D team to ensure all the product conforms to high international standard. The longest equipment life from P.A.Hilton has reached to more than 40 years old.
Most of equipment have optional models to choose, customers can expand purchased equipment according to their needs within any time. This will not only bring convenience to customer but also relieve customer from huge financial burden on purchasing equipment. It’s a truly one-stop service.
Over 95% of P.A.Hilton’s products are exported across the world, so they have a clear view and insight on customer needs and their after-sales is unbeatable.
The founder of P.A.Hilton is Professor Paul Hilton who was a aircraft engineer worked at de Havilland Aircraft and founded P.A.Hilton at his fifties. Paul Hilton designed and build series of teaching equipment and sold his first Ramjet engine equipment to Imperial College London. In 1968, Paul Hilton married Gillian Thornton and raised a boy and girl. With growing of business and expansion of product line, Paul Hilton moved company to Horsebridge at Hampshire.
P.A.Hilton adhere to quality service to customer and insist on principle of creative engineering and quality focus to become one of the best teaching experimental equipment manufacturers.

Heliocentris is a listed company founded in 1995 Berlin. Heliocentris supplies self-developed energy equipment and energy efficiency solution based on their zero-pollution product concept intended to replace petroleum and diesel generator. Experienced in industry production area, Heliocentris also provide colleges and universities with training and application researching solution. Heliocentris is consisted of three business divisions: Energy efficiency, Renewable energy and Education training. Unique advantage has enabled Heliocentris to provide product and service on renewable energy education, training and researching.
In order to apply professional knowledge to real production process, Heliocentris provides lecturer and researcher with suitable entity operation technology platforms. The representative product is Hybrid Renewable Energy Management System developed for training and research purpose, which is very helpful for colleges and universities to research on energy generation, storage and management.
Heliocentris was founded in 1995 with headquarter in Berlin.
In 1999, developed the first teaching system for university.
In 2000, develped fuel cell system platform.
In 2002, Energy System Ltd was established in USA with sales volume reached one million EU dollar.
In 2003, led top on export sales volume in Germany.
In 2004, established cooperation relationship with Ballard Power Systems,Inc.
In 2006, incorporated Energy System Ltd into Heliocentris Energy Solution Inc to start expanding international market.
In 2007, started developing business on industrial system.
In 2008, applying fuel cell onto medium-sized cars.
In 2009, developed NEXA fuel cell system and signed raw material agreement with Lucas-Nulle.
In 2010, provided oil company in Bahrain with independent power supply system and power storage solution.
In 2011, acquired P21 Ltd and signed Technical Education Raw Material agreement with LabVolt, Ayad Abul-Ella be appointed CEO.
In 2012, company’s turnover reached seven million EU dollar and established joint venture with NTEC in Kuwait.

TecQuipment was founded in 1958 in Nottingham UK. TecQuipment mainly design, develop and manufacture engineering teaching equipment for colleges, universities and industrial training center. Product line includes Aerodynamics, Control Engineering, Sensors, Engineering Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Material testing and property, Renewable Energy, Statics Fundamentals, Structures, Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Versatile Data Acquisition System. TecQuipment develops product according to universities’ lectures across the world. With excellent engineering R&D as well as production team, product and service quality are guaranteed.

Educational Control Products--ECP
Educational Control Product--ECP was founded in 1990 in California USA. ECP is dedicated to provide high-end control experimental equipment for education and industrial application. ECP’s founders are professor H. Ali Pak and Thomas R. Parks, not only both of them have more than forty years experiences on equipment design and fabrication in control system education and industrial control area, but also they are very experienced in Automated Manufacturing Equipment, Satellite Attitude Control, Digital Control Electronic Component, Sensors and Actuators, Precision Machinery Design, Real-time Firmware Implementation.
In addition, both of company’s founders were teachers in famous university on Control System Theory, Digital Control and Dynamic System Analysis, and they had successfully hosted more than 50 seminars on industrial control training. Both of founder’s many years’ experiences of combination of theory and practice made ECP’s product very welcomed by academic institution and scientific research center.

GURSKI is located at city Duisburg western of Germany. GURSKI is dedicated to provide experimental equipment on control engineering researching, and also develop software as well as hard and software upgrading service on control applications. For many years GURSKI has been in close cooperation with a number of universities and corporations in testing and control areas. Also GURSKI provides consulting service, design and fabrication on scientific research practice control device in automation area.
GURSKI’s main product is AdvancedLab series, they can also customize according to customer’s requirement. AdvancedLab series is the best choice for teaching and researching in universities and colleges.
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