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Steam Turbine Laboratory System for Qinghai Nationalities Un

Qinghai Nationalities University purchased our RankineCycler Steam Turbine Lab system.

RankineCycler Steam Turbine Lab system is made by Turbine Technologies Ltd.
Turbine Technology was founded in 1986, with factory located at Chetek, Wisconsin USA. Through many years’ development, Turbine Technology has reached to 3500 square meters and became one of the most prominent companies producing professional teaching experimental equipment on Gas Turbine related faculties. Turbine Technology is a high technology development company with all the products being developed, manufactured in USA and sold across the world, their product designs conform to ABET 4, ABET 6.
The company is consisted of two divisions: Teaching experimental equipment system and Aeronautical gas turbine engine system(also known as Kutrieb Reasearch).
Turbine Technology’s primary business is on Teaching experimental equipment systems, and their product line includes Gas turbine power experiment system, Gas turbine power generation system, Steam turbine power generation experiment system, Jet engine sectioned body, Centrifugal pump fluid experiment system and Wing structure experiment system etc.
Address: Room 202, Kemao Building, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Tel: +86-010-82780961
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