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TrueStructures TM Airfoil Structures Lab


  TrueStructures is a complete structural analysis laboratory. Simple and complex bending, shear, and torsion are progressively demonstrated utilizing a beam, a tube and a complete aircraft airfoil structure.

  The TrueStructures Lab is ready for immediate usage upon uncrating. A powder coated main support frame is made from structural steel tubing and mounted on rolling castors for mobility. The entire lab is sized to fit through any standard interior door.

  A multi-lesson laboratory procedure is provided to illustrate common usage of the TrueStructures lab. Solid models are also included to show the internal wing structure. The solid models, laboratory procedures and strain calculation program are included on CD-ROM.

  Industry standard linear and rosette foil strain gauges are strategically mounted on all test components to allow gathering of structural strain data under various loading conditions. The custom manufactured Strain Bridge Controller manages strain gauge excitation and digitally displays the selected strain voltage. Each individual strain gauge is switch-selectable. A simple software application allows easy conversion between measured strain voltages and actual engineering strain. A separate digital meter displays the applied load at all times. System load and selectable strain gauge voltages are available as outputs from the Strain Bridge Controller for reading by external data acquisition or other measurement systems.

  Basic structural analysis can be studied with the readily interchangeable simple beam and tube structures. Unlimited opportunities exist with typical structures problems as well as the real world issues associated with experiment design, fundamental transducer concepts (strain gauges) and measurement noise. Provided lab projects include strain gauge fundamentals, applied loads, component section and material properties, principal and combined stresses, beam and torsional loading, shear flow and displacement.

  The TrueStructures Lab features an actual aircraft horizontal stabilizer. This lifting surface is typical of that found on civil and military aircraft where stressed skin construction is used. This “wing” structure is made up of an all aluminum outer skin, two span wise webbed main spars and a set of chord-wise main and nose ribs. The entire assembly is fastened together using riveted construction.

  The wing’s main spar is affixed in aerospace fashion to a root fitting similar to a wingfuselage structural joint. A mechanical jackscrew mechanism applies an infinitely variable point load to the wing tip. The point load can be positioned to place the specimen in pure bending, pure torsion, or combination loading. A precision load cell is mounted at the loading point that allows a direct readout of the applied force. Multiple uni-axial and rosette strain gages are strategically mounted throughout the wing to measure the resulting strain values.

  A free, two year warranty is provided on the entire TrueStructures system.

Address: Room 202, Kemao Building, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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