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The world's easiest-to-use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for thermal management of electronics. Innovative, intuitive and powerful, Coolit guides the novice, yet imparts full control to the thermal expert.


The Coolit computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software is designed specifically for predicting airflow and heat transfer in electronic equipment. Coolit brings to your desktop advanced state-of-the-art thermal analysis in one easy to use, high performance package.As the only CFD modeling package designed specifically for MS Windows, Coolit is fast, intuitive and robust. You can start the code and then walk away to do other things. No babysitting is required! And Coolit is FAST! It uses algorithms and native libraries fine-tuned for performance on Windows platforms. We built-in "smarts" to lighten your workload with fully automatic grid generation and solver setup, materials libraries, and mix-and-match units, so you can concentrate on your problem's solution, not numerics. Yet, at all times, you are in control, with the option to override automatic settings.

It is the only CFD package for which no training is required!
Independent blind tests consistently show Coolit to be the most accurate CFD product for electronics cooling. And, as if that were not enough, Coolit costs much less than other packages!
The Coolit CFD software provides an integrated environment for efficient and accurate CFD analysis of electronic thermal management problems. Coolit consists of:

Graphical Pre-Processor        Solver     Graphics Post-Processor

Coolit Application Areas:

The Coolit family thermal management software is trusted by industry leaders worldwide.

Minimum System Requirement:

Any Intel CPU

Windows XP, XP64, 7 or 7-64

1 Gb RAM

5 Gb hard disk space

Address: Room 202, Kemao Building, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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