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Water Tunnels and Channels

H23 2.5-Metre Flow Channel


  This product is a floor-standing 2.5-metre flow channel with transparent sides and aluminium base on a metal frame. It includes several models for multiple experiments in open channel flow. The flow channel is for use with TecQuipment’s Digital Hydraulic Bench (H1F, available separately)* which provides the necessary water supply, drain and flowmeasurement facilities. The customer may also use their own suitable clean water supply with flow measurement.

  The channel includes a control that changes its slope angle from horizontal. A small section at the channel inlet includes a baffle to help reduce any turbulence, while preserving a steady flow. An adjustable sluice-gate at the exit of the channel allows the user to control the overall water height during experiments. The models (supplied) include a second sluice-gate that fits at any position along the channel. Other models include a Venturi, weirs and jump blocks.

  TecQuipment supply three precision instruments with the channel. The first is a depth gauge assembly to measure accurately the water height in the channel. The second is a Pitot assembly that measures the pressure at different heights in the flow to give a specific energy profile. The third is a dial caliper gauge to measure dimensions.


Address: Room 202, Kemao Building, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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